New Year’s Eve Journey: Meet the Spirit of Your Unloved Self


Write this journey intention in your journal:

Dear Ones, Sacred Ones,
I intend a journey to meet the spirit of my unloved self.
Blessed Be.

Here is my 18-minute drum & rattle for you to listen to for your journey.

If you don’t know the shamanic journey technique, then simply rest into the feeling of the journey intention and be open to what you experience.

I encourage you to write in your journal during or after your journey.

If you feel sadness during this journey, please allow yourself to cry.

If you feel tender love for yourself, then embrace yourself with your arms wrapped around you.

Say “I love you” to the parts of yourself  that try so hard to get it right, to grow, to the parts of you who have been brave and willing to step forward into the new and the unknown. 

In Love & Transformation,