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“An ancestor is someone with whom you feel soul-related and whose love lives on in you.”

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During this time of year when the veils of connection between the worlds are thin, it is a potent time to honor our genetic and soul-related ancestors by invoking them into our circle and by journeying to the Otherworld. 

The intent of this ceremony is to honor the lives of our ancestors. In this pre-recorded ceremonial workshop, Luisa guides in shares a teaching and guides you in creating a ceremonial container. There are two drum journeys to help you expand your awareness of your vulnerable, human experience of loss and death, and of grateful reunion with your deceased loved ones.

NOTE: If you’re familiar with the shamanic journey technique*, please use that technique for the two drum journeys. If you’re not familiar with the journey technique, that’s totally fine. You may experience the drum journeys as a contemplative meditation or time of reflection.
The shamanic journey technique  = a working relationship with your power animal, understanding of the three shamanic worlds, a departure point in nature.

“My papa has been dead all these years, and yet he is more real to me than almost anybody else. He never goes out of my life. I talk to him and consult him all the time. The older I grow, the better I know him and the more I understand him.”
—from My Ántonia, by Willa Cather

“Death is not an outrage.”
—Ram Dass


One of my Honoring the Ancestors Ofrendas