Relational Mysticism© with Luisa Elena Kolker MA LPCC

Catalytic Mentorship | Grounded Psychotherapy

When I was completely lost Luisa showed me a path of healing…

I am eternally grateful for Luisa’s skill and power as a teacher and healer. Along with the late Father Daniel Berrigan and Sensei Joshin Byrnes, Luisa is one of the three most important teachers in my life. When I was completely lost, she showed me a way to the path of healing, compassion, and transformation. Without question, were it not for Luisa, I would not be here now.

John Daigan Widell
Resident/Priest Postulant, Bread Loaf Mountain Monastery and Zen Community

Luisa brought back missing pieces of my soul, restoring my wholeness…

I deeply appreciate Luisa’s curiosity and desire to connect with my perspective and experience as a genderqueer person. It’s rare to find spiritual healers of any stripe who actively create safe spaces for genderqueer, genderfluid, and gender non-binary people to connect with Spirit; I very much appreciate that Luisa is a gender-brave healer. My healing sessions with Luisa have been utterly life-changing: after 12 years of healing at every other level, Luisa brought back the missing pieces of my soul, restoring my wholeness. My gratitude is everlasting.

Rune S. Rainwater
Shamanist and Author

Luisa is gifted at creating a space of magic and transformation…

I have greatly benefited from working with Luisa in one-to-one sessions as well as her workshops and other events. Luisa is a masterful facilitator who has clearly done her own spiritual and psychological work. She is gifted at creating a space of magic and transformation where deep healing can and does take place. And she’s a heck of a lot of fun as well.

Maia Duerr
author of Work That Matters: Create a Livelihood That Reflects Your Core Intention

No B.S….and no spiritual bypassing!”

Sometimes dreamwork calls us to energy work. It calls us to make deep shifts in our beings. And shamanic practices can help. I love Luisa Elena Kolker’s work and teachings. She is a no-B.S. kind of person—no spiritual bypassing with her! She is a licensed psychotherapist who is all about embodied spirituality (she even teaches a course on it).

Melissa Grace
Dream Interpreter & Coach, Literary Editor

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What is Relational Mysticism©?

For several decades I have described myself as a “Shamanic Psychotherapist.” As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve recently begun calling my healing and psychotherapy model Relational Mysticism©. 

Over the past ten years my awareness has increased about the culturally problematic, appropriative aspects of the words “shaman” and “shamanic.” Recently, those words have been applied to a clothing line, a diet, a cartoon, and a QAnon devotee wearing animal horns and fur, to name just a few iterations. There are also numerous people with sparse experience, superficial understanding, and glamorous aspirations who have appropriated the word “shaman.” So, I will leave them to it.

To be mystically relational is to be receptive and respectful, with a sense of wonder to the subtle dimensions where ancestors, spirits of the natural world, and archetypes reside along with the powerful forces and patterns of the unconscious. A mystic prioritizes a passionate, personal, and direct engagement with the invisible worlds of spirit, eschewing the husks of dogma. 

To be in relationship with non-physical realities is to become psychically porous. However, we need to integrate that expansion of consciousness so that it is relational, balanced, and inclusive rather than separative and grandiose.

This is where psychotherapy comes in. The awareness and healing generated by honest self-inquiry help us to cultivate emotional maturity and to be empathetically connected with the earth and other human beings. Without these roots into the linear, rational, physical world, our humanity and spirituality will be incomplete and dissociated.

My therapeutic model, sessions, workshops, and pre-recorded classes embody these questions:
What are you willing to give…
What are you willing to learn/receive…
What you are willing to question about your habitual self-concept…
How are you willing to come to your own assistance…
to be in balance and good relationship with all the dimensions of your aliveness?

These are the beginning, catalyzing elements of Relational Mysticism.

I am a relational-trauma detective. Dysfunctional familial, cultural, and religious systems consciously and unconsciously cultivate stories, mythologies and hierarchical power structures that are like encrypted codes.

These familially and culturally induced patterns provide strategic advantage for those in positions of power in the family system and can be undermining for those they are designed to control.

I specialize in assisting my clients to come into relationship with the the buried treasure within them: namely, their inherent worth, authenticity, and passion that reside, inviolably, deep in the inner self.

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Transform old patterns. Develop a compassionate relationship with your imperfect humanness.

While in lockdown in Ibiza, Spain in the spring of 2020, Luisa finished her manuscript of poems, The Tearing Apart. These poems were written between 2014-2020.