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The most important groundwork for our spiritual blossoming is to identify and detoxify our emotional trauma patterns.
When we divest ourselves of our misplaced loyalties to the people, beliefs, and toxic systems that have harmed us at a soul level the blossoming begins.
—Luisa Kolker

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I specialize in helping clients recover from relational trauma and from relationships of inevitable harm with narcissists and other low-empathy/low-conscience individuals. My Shamanic Transformation Model integrates shamanism, psychotherapy, and somatic techniques to catalyze the deep healing of emotional trauma. I blend my gift of second-sight and my clinical psychotherapy skills to assist my clients and students in transforming their lives. 

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Are you ready to detoxify old, self-defeating patterns?

Are you ready to do some soul building?
Are you ready to blossom?

You are in the right place.

Mentorship is for those who are ready to clear and transform family of origin emotional contracts. We look carefully, through a fortified sense of self, at the system of emotional loyalties in your family. Mentorship is also for those who seek to integrate Luisa’s healing models into their daily spiritual practice or professional practices.

The goal of shamanic-psychotherapy is to recover your connection with spirit and develop a conscious relationship with the landscape of your inner self.

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