THE EMBODIED MYSTIC®  Six Shamanic-Psychotherapy Lessons to Catalyze your Aliveness and Authenticity


• Recorded teachings, Downloadable Meditations & PDFS + Study Guide

Shamanic-psychotherapy teachings and techniques to heal trauma residue in your body 
Ethical, embodied shamanism to access your inner guidance and wisdom

“Trauma is about emotions and sensations in the body, not about the story.” —Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., Author of The Body Keeps the Score

In The Embodied Mystic program YOU WILL: 

  • Learn practical, embodied skills for stress-reduction and personal healing from relational trauma
  • Reconnect with hope, wonder, and spiritual sustenance
  • Reclaim the intelligence and beauty of your embodied self
  • Develop embodied compassion for your humanness
  • Learn the shamanic journey technique and how to practice it for personal healing
  • Spark your creativity and joy

You’ll receive one video lesson from me each week in your email inbox. Each one will be accompanied by a weekly Study Guide which will include:

  • Journaling prompts and questions to reflect upon
  • A shamanic practice to experience outdoors in nature
  • A shamanic journey intention for you to explore more deeply into what that week’s teaching means for you
  • A feedback form to send me (Luisa) a brief summary each week with highlights of your experience
  • A suggested altar/art work for you to create to deepen your connection and understanding of that week’s teaching


These are tools and self-interventions you can put to use right now

WEEK 1: Your Potent Energy Point
This point in the front midline of your body is an essential portal for relieving stress in the moment, and also for accessing and healing old trauma. 



WEEK 2: The Grounding & Merging Process
This guided journey through your physical and energetic dimensions is foundational to my teachings. This is how embodiment begins: by coming into relationship with your experience of being in your body.



WEEK 3: Your Fully Blossomed Self
This is the bridge between your personal psyche and
 Source. Your Fully Blossomed Self is your oldest friend, closest companion, and greatest ally. S/he has got your back.



WEEK 4: The Three Compassionate Statements
This gentle self-intervention begins at the Potent Energy Point (P.E.P.) you learned about in Week 1. I’ll teach you a powerful self-intervention that you can do right now to reduce emotional and central nervous system overwhelm.



WEEK 5: Widening the Riverbed 
This is a teaching and technique for expanding your sense of inner space when you are trying to process emotional and energetic intensity.



WEEK 6: How to Identify & Release Carried (Toxic) Shame
Carried shame originates from being in the line of fire with a person who violates your boundaries with no subsequent feeling or ownership of their appropriate shame about their boundary failure. I’ll teach you how to identify and release this toxic energy in a grounded, safe, and integrated way.




The prerequisite for The Embodied Mystic program is being familiar with the shamanic journey technique. This includes having a working relationship with your power animal, a departure point in nature, and an understanding of the three shamanic worlds. You’ll receive FREE access to my Introduction the Shamanic Journey audio course when you register for The Embodied Mystic program so you can learn the journey technique and be ready for your first lesson.



The most important aspect of my shamanic work is that my teachings are grounded in the body. This is embodied inner work.
If you are looking for a spiritual doctrine or a way to escape your humanness, that’s not what you’ll find here.
The essential difference between my shamanic work and many other shamanic teachings and practices is that in my healing model we are anchoring consciousness and presence into the body, rather than finding ways to transcend it.






“I am so deeply grateful for Luisa and the Embodied Mystic framework that she has created. Her work is impeccable, very accessible, and it helps you remember your true self again. During the six weeks I learned so much and healed deeply. If you are ready to connect with yourself, nature, and spirit on a deeper level, then I recommend you take this program.”

Shakaya, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA



“As a queer Latinx energy practitioner, I found the teachings and tools of The Embodied Mystic to be useful and healing. They opened the door for exploring carried shame due to my immigrant experience.”

Dayna Velasco, PTP, Portland, Oregon USA
LunaSoul Energy Journey





“I experienced The Embodied Mystic course as a doorway to the embodiment of one’s sacred or highest self. On the front side of the door is a mirror. The mirror offers journeying as a tool to dive deeper into introspective reflection where awareness provides an opportunity to examine, dissolve and release old, stuck, negative, emotional imprints that keep the door jammed. On the other side of the door lies the pathway to healing. Thank you, Luisa, so grateful for the shared wisdom of The Embodied Mystic.”

Onde Chymes, Santa Fe, New Mexico  USA
Creator, Designer, Maker of Artistic Gates





“It’s a challenge to capture in words the treasures Luisa’s class gave me. The teachings Luisa shared in the Embodied Mystic Course were a revelation. Despite many years of study and self-reflection, I had never encountered the perspectives she offered on the dance of being human. In the six potent lessons of the class, I experienced epiphany after epiphany as I applied the fresh and unexpected wisdom to reframe the way I look at the story of my life. Suddenly I had new tools. I learned tactics to deal with stress, overwhelm, and toxic shame; reclaimed abandoned parts of myself; gained an expanded understanding of being in my body; felt a renewed grounding in nature and mother earth; connected with allies in the mineral, plant and animal world. I discovered hidden inner powers. You’ve probably noticed that this is a stunning list. Here’s the astonishing thing – this only hints at the profound transformative power of this class. Luisa is a gifted teacher – her depth, honesty, tenderness and playful humor make even the most challenging topics safe to explore. I highly recommend you take the journey with her to discover the mysterious and magical inner universe we all have waiting inside us!”

Annie Lewis, Santa Fe, New Mexico




“My intuition directed me to Luisa’s teachings. I joined The Embodied Mystic course without knowing what to expect. I have already been very much into the spiritual life and I have been looking for ways for grounding.The Embodied Mystic program gave me just the tools for that. (And for much more!) The shamanic ways of therapy really facilitated accessing and integrating many layers of my being; from the darkest to the brightest.

Compassion and groundedness is at the heart of the teaching and I believe it is crucial in all shadow or light work.
I learned tangible exercises to use in my everyday spiritual practice. Also, I learned coping techniques for  trauma symptoms and overwhelm, which is gold for people experiencing anxiety often. The best lesson for me was how to work with shame residing in the body. All these are invaluable, in my opinion.
I integrated them into my daily life and I can say that this course is a comprehensive self therapy. Working with these tools everyday is absolutely broadening my horizon.  I am very grateful.”
İrem Unay, İstanbul/Turkey
Yoga teacher
“Luisa generously offers insight and wisdom in her completely original life-changing six week course, The Embodied Mystic. This experiential, transformational, process-based online course invites us into a deepening connection with ourselves and the natural world. By opening up inner doors of perception through developing and expanding our awareness of our embodied experiences, we grow and change. Even though the course has ended, I continue to integrate new awareness from this experience and am so grateful. Thank you, Luisa!”

Ann Filemyr, Ph.D., President, Southwestern College
Director, Ecotherapy Certificate of the New Earth Institute at Southwestern College





“Luisa has been my primary teacher/mentor for the past year and a half and it’s the single most transformative work I’ve been exposed to. Like, blows a decade of talk therapy out of the water. She’s a real person, grounded in this world, dedicated to being in this body and in this time and cuts through a lot of New Age drivel, which I feel gives the actual wonder of the world more luster. She’s mined these teachings and practical techniques through decades of her own work; they’re powerful and accessible. I have thanked her for her integrity through sobs and feel it’s a gift to the world that she’s figured out how to offer her wisdom more broadly through The Embodied Mystic Program. Every time I revisit a teaching I come away with a new understanding and greater capacity for deep self-nourishment. I’m grateful and highly recommend The Embodied Mystic as a foundational program for anyone.”

Kate Barnett, Santa Fe, NM
Singer & Song-Maker 


“I really enjoyed The Embodied Mystic Program! Even after having worked with Luisa and learned many of her techniques prior to starting The Embodied Mystic, each teaching landed with me in new ways that met me right where I was at, at the time. I also found myself becoming more relational with my body and the depths of my own soul – as well as the inherent healing powers found in each.  I can’t recommend this program highly enough.”

Karla Ismay, Tijeras, New Mexico (Jicarilla Apache and Pueblo lands), USA




“The Embodied Mystic experience has given me a new strength to open up to and experience the spiritual connection to my deeper self and the natural world around me. This awareness has brought me an increases ability to accept and forgive myself, those around me and those who have come before as I join the universal connection of all life earthly and beyond with love and thanks. I physically feel lighter as I continue on this journey.” (Art work inspired by The Embodied Mystic teachings)

Laurie Hawe, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA



“In six weeks, Luisa offers students a life-time of content. You could quite literally spend the rest of your days unpacking all the wisdom and practices she offers. When you complete this course you will have have a foundation for better caring for your soul. And you will have everyday rituals that can support your continued unfolding. Luisa creates a safe and structured learning environment. Her compassion and deep knowledge provide an anchor for students to ground themselves as they join this community to openly explore, experience and converse with Luisa and one another. I look forward to joining Luisa on further Embodied Mystic adventures.”

Bear Brandegee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
Certified Integral Coach




“I am so thankful for The Embodied Mystic program. Luisa’s teachings provided the structure, safety, knowledge and warmth for me to meet and develop relationships with parts of myself and the natural world that I was previously unconscious to, and take meaningful steps towards deep healing and transformation. This was my first experience with shamanic journeying, and given this incredible introduction I am committed to continuing to learn and grow. Thank you Luisa!”

P. Carnevale, Brooklyn, New York USA
Writer & Media Consultant



“I signed up for The Embodied Mystic because I needed a community that understood my journey inward. Each week’s lesson consisted of exercises and reflection. At the end of the week we met as a group where Luisa answered questions and folks shared their experience. I felt a transformation taking place in myself, understanding where I was feeling pain, anger, joy, and gratitude. By the end of the six weeks, I felt lighter and had new tools to journey inward. I connected with  my Fully Blossomed Self  (as Luisa calls it) and can now nurture who I am meant to be.”

Tracy Rogers
Portland, Oregon USA




The Embodied Mystic provided sacred space that reignited my creative passion
and allowed me to connect with a deeper part of my soul.  I also learned practical
tools which have helped me soothe and support myself during challenging
experiences that would have emotionally derailed me in the past.” 
(Art work inspired by The Embodied Mystic teachings)

H. S., Minnesota, USA





“Beginning with the honoring of the First People’s whose land we occupy to the discovery of my Spirit Animal, The Embodied Mystic program taught me the depth and breadth of our seen and unseen world. Careful to honor all participants, past and present, seems and unseen, Luisa co-creates a trusting environment by honor each person and their personal journey. Starting each session with affirmations and pledges to confidentiality, we grew in a safe space, allowing each of us to share our experience and to feel deeply. I’ll return to these techniques often as I continue my path. My potent energy point is always with me, and I have met and continue to meet and nurture my fully blossomed self.”

Lynee Wells, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA


“The Embodied Mystic has been a great comfort and catalyst in my life. Luisa offers simple yet profound skills, solid structure, and a safe, loving container for coming into deeper relationship with one’s self. I now feel more connected to the resources within me, more able to embrace and release the layers of trauma I am holding, more myself. Luisa shares her incredible wisdom and experience from a relatable, grounded, and compassionate place.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to experience a deeper truth of who they are, not as a concept, but in practice.”

Matthew Peterson, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA



“I felt Luisa’s care strongly throughout the program. This positive emotional support allowed me to identify places of pain, and then to engage with healing processes. The sequence of the lessons really worked for me—each step built upon the last in both a concrete and a spiritual/emotional sense. I felt lovingly guided and supported in finding my own answers.”

—Denise Elizabeth Stone, Oregon, USA

The Embodied Mystic program helped me reconnect with energy that feels grounded and productive, rather than anxious and unfocused, with lessons that introduce tools to cope with stress and anxiety, and help me feel more at home in my physical body. Luisa is a seasoned, skilled guide for this work, and the Zoom sessions always feel safe and welcoming.”

—Ray Gulick, Bernalillo, New Mexico, USA

“What I’ve most enjoyed about The Embodied Mystic has been the reminder of the space that we can hold for ourselves.  I love the grace that you carry with your words, Luisa.  You bring comfort with your presence.”

—Kelly Anderson, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

“I appreciate your gifts of wisdom and knowledge, Luisa. I especially appreciated your energy, sense of humor and your profound respect for each person in your class throughout The Embodied Mystic program. I appreciate how you structured the class. This helped me consolidate your teachings and provided a road map for a deeper spiritual practice. I experienced a safe and skillful learning space in The Embodied Mystic that has enabled me to trust and explore myself, and simply trust being myself.”

—Leslie Jadin, Washington, DC, USA

The Embodied Mystic course gives me more energy—an energy grounded in the earth, the spine, the nourishment of the breath. My life feels so much richer and supported through the use of the elements of this course and the Study Guide. Embracing them daily is a joy.”

—Chrissy Palumbo, PhD, San Diego, California USA