Relational Mysticism: Healing & Energetic Transformation

Shamanic Healing

Luisa’s shamanic healing sessions and workshops are powerful and grounding. Luisa is loving and kind and teaches us all more about LOVE in rich and profound ways.

Jennifer E.Santa Fe, NM

Members of the Immigrant, BIPOC and LGBTQ communities: you are welcome here.” – Luisa Kolker

The shamanic journey is similar to a dream state, with a crucial difference: Your dream-body/spirit-body is traveling to other spiritual dimensions of consciousness (called “non-ordinary” reality) in a light, conscious trance state with a clear intention and under the guardianship of a power animal. Having a strong alliance with a power animal, or other helping spirit, ensures safe passage through spiritual dimensions. Access to these dimensions allows for guidance, healing and divination to be translated into our bodies and psyches in “ordinary” reality.

I use the conscious trance-state of the shamanic journey*, known cross-culturally since ancient times, to bypass ordinary ego- consciousness to access the healing powers and guidance of spirit helpers–power animals, angelic helpers and teachers–with whom I have healing partnerships. These guides provide information regarding the root causes of spiritual illness, and through my mediumship, work directly on the energy body of the client.

From the shamanic perspective, soul loss and negative outside influences create disturbance in the flow of life force through the body and psyche, effectively altering a person’s self-concept and biochemistry. The epidemic of clinical depression in our culture is largely due to emotional fragmentation and spiritual disconnection. Shamanic healing addresses these issues.

Soul Retrieval

Emotional numbness and feeling “empty” are often symptoms of “soul loss.” Soul loss occurs when the self fragments or disassociates due to trauma, shock or illness. Precious parts of one’s spiritual vitality leave (to accommodate a stressful or even life-threatening situation) as a protective measure in the moments of trauma. The long-term impact of this loss of connection with one’s aliveness can be devastating to emotional and physical health. In a soul retrieval, I journey with my helping spirits to find those missing parts of the self so they may be integrated with the client in present time. The reintegration of soul parts is a powerful tool for restoring wholeness and health.

Shamanic Depossession & Extraction

Persistent negative thoughts and emotions (e.g., uncharacteristic anger, negative, obsessive, fearful, morbid thoughts), sudden illness, unexplained pain and changes in one’s personality may indicate that there are negative, outside energies interfering with a person’s psyche and energy field. Depossession and extraction work identify and release the cause of this type of disturbance.

Power Animal & Spirit Teacher Retrieval

Everyone has guardian spirits in spiritual dimensions. I journey to non-physical dimensions to introduce clients to their spiritual allies. Learning of the identity and intentions of these helpers is of great assistance in doing personal journey work–they are one’s guides and protectors in traveling in the lower, middle and upper worlds in the shamanic journey. For those not inclined to journey for themselves, having a conscious relationship with a helping spirit can enhance one’s sense of connection and intimacy with the world of spirit and one’s inner self.


When a loved one dies, there may be concern for their well-being: Is she at peace? Has his spirit moved on from this plane? How can I have emotional resolution with her now that she’s gone? My spirit helpers enable me to have conscious communication with spirits who need help in moving on to the light, and to facilitate healing for them and loved ones. This work is also helpful is working with the dying, helping them to be at peace in their transition.

Past Life Healing

Past life soul experiences can have a strong influence on the unconscious mind. I journey through what I call “potent memory points” in the client’s energy body to access old templates from past life experiences that have impacted the client’s belief system and emotional body. The recognition and resolution of these past life conflicts allows the psyche to become more present to the now.

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*In my  “Introduction to Shamanic Journeying” workshops & audio course I teach participants the basic journey technique as an everyday spiritual practice to access support for their path of personal spiritual growth and emotional healing.