Video & Audio Courses

The Embodied Mystic»

The Embodied Mystic is a pre-recorded video and audio six-module program that will increase your ability to be in relationship with your inner self and to expand your relationship to the natural world and non-physical dimensions.

The Embodied Mystic (CEU version)»

Are you a licensed mental health professional in the state of New Mexico? There’s a ’12 Ethics CEU’ version of The Embodied Mystic for you!

Healing the Emotional-Energetic Rupture of Hyper-Empathy»

Healing the Emotional-Energetic Rupture of Hyper-Empathy is a 2.5 CEU class for New Mexico therapists (and NON-THERAPISTS!). It’s also an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding and healing internal boundary issues.

Drums, Rattles, and More»

Drums, Rattles, and More is a fully downloadable collection of drumming tracks (and more!) for your inner journeys, meditations, and contemplative practices.

The Introduction to the Shamanic Journey»

The Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is Luisa’s popular, foundational, easy-to-follow 2-1/2 hour audio course. Learn about and experience the cross-cultural, earth-based practice of shamanism.