Incredible shamanic, alchemical healings..

I am so grateful to Luisa for each session I have had over the past two decades. Her incredible shamanic, alchemical healings have helped bring me back to life when going through very challenging times.  I appreciate her big heart while being the ultimate detective in honing in on the source of my wounds. Each time Luisa helped beyond measure to get me back on my feet, heal from my core, and live the creator’s plan for me.  Thank you so much, Luisa.

Robyn Benson
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Santa Fe Soul and Self-Care Revolution Founder and Director

Luisa brought back missing pieces of my soul, restoring my wholeness...

I deeply appreciate Luisa’s curiosity and desire to connect with my perspective and experience as a genderqueer person. It’s rare to find spiritual healers of any stripe who actively create safe spaces for genderqueer, genderfluid, and gender non-binary people to connect with Spirit; I very much appreciate that Luisa is a gender-brave healer. My healing sessions with Luisa have been utterly life-changing: after 12 years of healing at every other level, Luisa brought back the missing pieces of my soul, restoring my wholeness. My gratitude is everlasting.

Rune S. Rainwater
Shamanist and Author

A woman with extraordinary talent and penetrating insight...

Luisa is a woman with extraordinary talent and penetrating insight. I have worked with her for a multitude of years and have been expertly guided into realms that were heretofore unattainable. If you are seeking answers about yourself, the world, or are just in search of a truth, Luisa, without a doubt, should be your guide.

Charles E. Rawlings, M.D.
Neurosurgeon & Attorney

Professional grace and strength...

I first entered Luisa’s office feeling overcome by a childhood trauma that was still impacting my life. Through her guidance via psychotherapy and shamanic therapy I have achieved a new level of understanding of my past and how it affects my present, and the confidence that I am in control of my life. With professional grace and strength Luisa created the container within which this healing could take place.

Catherine Hart

Luisa is the real deal...

Luisa is the best guide, mentor, therapist I have ever encountered in my many decades. I’ve worked with her over the past five years in private sessions as well as in workshops. With Luisa’s support, I have successfully managed major life transitions—leaving my hometown, a job change, and the death of my parents—transforming my life and finally finding my purpose. Filled with happiness, I am who I am today because of Luisa’s wisdom and coaching. She’s the real deal.

Margo S.
Editor and Artist

Luisa's workshops and mentorship have enriched my life...

I’ve participated in several of Luisa’s journey circles and ceremonies over the past few years  and benefitted from her unique combination of educated technique and intuitive healing. Through Luisa’s shamanic guidance I’ve made noticeable gains in my capacity for self-assessment and transformative recovery. Luisa’s workshops and mentorship have precipitated a shift in my connection to myself and others which has enriched my life significantly.

Matthew C.
Litigation Attorney

Life changing...

Life changing? Yes! Luisa Kolker has guided me to great insights and experiential transformations.


When I was completely lost Luisa showed me a path of healing...

I am eternally grateful for Luisa’s skill and power as a teacher and healer. Along with the late Father Daniel Berrigan and Sensei Joshin Byrnes, Luisa is one of the three most important teachers in my life. When I was completely lost, she showed me a way to the path of healing, compassion, and transformation. Without question, were it not for Luisa, I would not be here now.

John Daishin Widell
Resident/Priest Postulant, Bread Loaf Mountain Monastery and Zen Community

Luisa is gifted at creating a space of magic and transformation...

I have greatly benefited from working with Luisa in one-to-one sessions as well as her workshops and other events. Luisa is a masterful facilitator who has clearly done her own spiritual and psychological work. She is gifted at creating a space of magic and transformation where deep healing can and does take place. And she’s a heck of a lot of fun as well.

Maia Duerr
author of Work That Matters: Create a Livelihood That Reflects Your Core Intention

Luisa’s insight and intuition...

are rivaled only by her capacity to provide a safe container to promote healing.

Candy Jones
LPCC, Psychotherapist

One of the most deeply healing events of my life...

[My Transformation 1 workshop] experience was profound and one of the most deeply healing events of my life. Truly, this was a transformation and I left the workshop stronger, clearer, and more spiritually connected than I thought possible. Not only did Luisa guide me on a path I wasn’t sure existed, she imparted invaluable tools that I use every day to manage anxiety, connect with my higher power, and ground myself to this earth.

Destiny Allison
Author of The Romance Diet and Shaping Destiny

Bless you, Luisa. You are a gift to the universe.

There are a lot of people I could have called for the breakthrough I needed: I called Luisa. I knew she wouldn’t give me Western jargon and that she would glide into the spiritual world, intuit what would be best for my soul, and suggest the best scenario. This transformation changed my DNA. I look forward to having the luxury to take one of her courses. Bless you, Luisa. You are gift to the universe.

Andrea Adler
Author of The Science of Spiritual Marketing and Pushing Upward

Luisa has helped me reconnect with my soul

Luisa Kolker has saved my life on several occasions but even more importantly she has helped me reconnect with my soul. She’s helped me release emotional toxins projected onto me by others and that I thought I deserved. She is a regular angel who supports me in forgiving myself and in remembering that I am an extension of source energy who deserves to live in joy. 
Gracias por siempre y para siempre, Luisa!


Christine Palumbo, PhD
EAL Director, China