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This morning I experienced a most amazing peach from my peach tree. I cut it carefully into elegant wedges and savored every juicy moment. Tasting such beauty was a sacrament in the only religion that truly matters to me: the miracle of the natural world.

When I reached up to the ripe fruit on the branch, I felt invited into a temple of awareness by my teacher The Peach.

This peach has grown slowly throughout the summer, on a tree that only last autumn seemed to have succumbed to drought, slugs, and general hardship.
Still, I fed it organic compost, mulched it generously, and watered it with respect and hope. I hoped  it might still have some desire and ability to stay here. I prayed it might drink in the light of one more summer.

And, it did.

What I noticed about the peach this morning was its uncountable dimensions of flavor and sweetness. This was a peach whose spirit had traveled through sickness, near-death, and re-birth. From all of this, this peach was born, the color of sunrise and sunset. A gem of ripeness, sharing its sweetness, beauty, and nourishment. 

A person, place or peach who has traveled through the veils of transformation has a story to tell you—and no matter how rough the journey, the nourishment derived from such a journey is always juicy, nourishing and life-giving.

Isn’t today is a good day to taste, and learn from, a peach?

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