«return to workshops listShamanic Soul Medicine for Times of Despair A LIVE online workshop-ceremony on Zoom (with recorded replay available afterward)

Each of us is carrying within us two different storylines right now. Our personal storyline is about the challenges, growth, pleasures and pain, and our relationships with our self and others. It is about our health, spiritual life, and work. 

The other storyline, however, is that of the collective—of war, systemic racism, misogyny, religious hatred, and climate catastrophe. 

These individual and collective storylines are converging for many of us. Our hearts hurt for the state of the world and for the planet. Even if our personal lives are relatively fortunate and stable, collective grief and despair walk beside us on a daily basis.

In this 90 minute ceremonial-workshop, we’ll gather as a group on Zoom to connect with our deep inner resources as individuals and as a soul-connected community.

I’ll share a shamanic teaching with you, guide us through my Grounding & Merging Process, and facilitate two drum journeys for you to refuel, renew, and reconnect with the ground of our humanness.

If you’re not able to join us for the live event, a recording of the workshop will be available afterward.