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In this live video workshop, Luisa will share shamanic teachings and facilitate a ceremony for participants who are ready to do deep healing work for themselves individually and for their ancestral lineages. During this time of year the veils between the worlds are thin, making it a potent time to honor our lineages by invoking them into our circle and by journeying to the Otherworld. 

As with all facets of our lives, our ancestral lineages hold both light and shadow. In North American modern culture, we are encouraged to bypass the reality of death, which often entails the forgetting or even emotional erasure of our ancestors. This cultural disconnection is harmful both individually and collectively. The restoration of relationship with our ancestors helps us to face the reality of our own eventual death and to enhance our everyday lives.

The intent of this ceremony is to honor the real human lives of our ancestors and to acknowledge the gifts and the wounds we’ve inherited from them. You will have an opportunity in this ceremony to establish healthy boundaries with these ancestral patterns. Boundaries make it possible to be in relationship with others (alive or dead) without taking on energies that are not appropriate or beneficial for you.

Prerequisite: No previous experience is necessary, though a familiarity with the shamanic journey technique* will enhance your experience.
* the shamanic journey technique = a working relationship with your power animal, understanding of the three shamanic worlds, a departure point in nature.

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