«return to workshops listBLACK LILITH RISING: Transforming Ancient Rage into Relational Power A CEREMONY & WORKSHOP FOR THOSE WHO IDENTIFY AS WOMEN

NOTE: To ensure ceremonial intimacy and continuity, please arrive within 5 minutes of the starting time. After that, the Zoom room will be closed. A replay will be available after the live event.

Date: LIVE video call is on Sunday, May 22, 2022; if you can’t make it to the live call a replay will be available afterward
9:30 AM-12 PM U.S. Mountain Time (Click HERE to see your time zone.)
$125 (There are several partial scholarships available for BIPOC, Trans, and other women in financial need. Click HERE to share a little about yourself and your request for a partial scholarship with Luisa.) 

In ancient times (or so says the hetero-patriarchal engineered story), Lilith was the disobedient, noncompliant first wife of the biblical Adam. Refusing to be subjugated to him and to lie beneath her husband when they made love, she was banished from Eden. Lilith grew wings and flew away to live among the wild animals. For this, she was labeled a wild, destructive demon.

In astrology*, Black Moon Lilith is an archetype associated with the justified outrage and rage of the disavowed feminine. She is our unmitigated and at times destructive wildness.

In this ceremony we will explore the archetype of Black Moon Lilith and her connection with the collective stories and rage of the suppressed, disavowed, betrayed feminine.

Lilith’s expulsion from the soul-denying constructs of patriarchy touches into that which is at once threatening to patriarchal solar-consciousness while being critically essential to the birthing of the the riches of the unconscious.

Individuated women, traumatized women, non-heterocentric, lesbian, trans-women, women of color, older women/crones: All are still considered dangerous and a threat to the fundamentalist tenets of patriarchal power-over systems.

  • Opening a door to catalyzing thousands of years of traumatic rage in our bodies into healing energy and transformative power is the focus of this ceremony
  • The shadow side of the Black Moon Lilith archetype is isolation in service of individuation, protection, and free will. In this ceremony you will learn how holding and resolving the tensions of these opposites (isolation vs. relational engagement) is a fundamental soul assignment for so many of us.
  • We will invoke the spirits of our female ancestors and of Black Lilith as she lives inside us.
  • We will meditate, journey, ceremonialize, and share together as an intentional tribe of women who are ready to heal deep personal and collective wounds.

*This is not an astrology workshop, though you may learn more about Black Moon Lilith in numerous articles and books. Here’s one: https://www.purewow.com/wellness/lilith-sign

There are several partial scholarships available for BIPOC,Trans, and other women in financial need. Click HERE to share your request for a partial scholarship with Luisa.

Queen of the Night, Babylonian Lilith 19th century BC-18th century BC, Iraq

Lilith (1887) by John Collier, Atkinson Art Gallery, U.K.