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I'm Right Here With You

In this complete mini-workshop, Luisa shares shamanic teachings and practices to sustain and nourish you in intense times. These teachings and tools will help you feel more grounded and connected with the immense love that is already right there with you, inside your being.


  • Grounding & Merging Guided Imagery Process
  • Teaching: Your Fully Blossomed Self
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • The Three Compassionate Statements
  • PDF of how to practice The Three Compassionate Statements

More Testimonials

This workshop was superb and very calming.
– M.F., Virginia, USA

Your workshop was exactly what I needed. Such joy and spaciousness.
– R. L., New Mexico, USA

That was really good Luisa, I’m going to be watching this again.
– N.B., Ibiza, Spain

Beautiful grounding ceremony, Luisa. Thank you so much, just what we need right now.
– D.B., Ibiza, Spain

Note: Luisa’s Guided Imagery Meditation is a great way to continue the practices you’ll learn in this workshop!