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“Your pain is a seed of love that forgot how to grow.
Water it with awareness, warm it with kindness, sing to it with courage.
Your pain, loved by you in this way, will transform into grace.”
—Luisa Kolker

luisa on steps sedona 2014As a shamanic healer in private practice for over twenty-five years, I offer my mind, body and spirit as a vessel to bridge the world of human concerns and the worlds of spirit.

As a psychotherapist, I share emotional, behavioral and spiritual skills so clients become self-healing, rather than projecting their innate self-healing abilities onto others.

I’d like to assist you in developing a new kind of relationship with your self; a relationship that transforms your own inner self  into the grounded, nurturing, creative companion and friend for whom you’ve always wished.

As a seasoned and respectful navigator of the inner planes, I know that the pathways into inner space can be daunting and confusing.
When I assist clients in exploring these lesser-known worlds, healing and transformation happen.

Let’s walk those pathways together. Let’s transform those old hurts in you so that your authenticity shines through with a new brilliance. Prepare to achieve full blossom!

Photo by Alba Elena Photography © 2014

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“If I needed some shamanic healing or an honest to goodness, down to earth, competent, authentic therapist who has done her own work on her own personal journey and will treat you with love and respect but kick ass, as well, Luisa is where I would turn. I have the utmost respect for her. P.S. She is beautiful inside and out.”
—Jamie Conglose, Corporate Change Consultation & Director of Wisdom Councils

“I recommend Luisa and her work for anyone seeking embodied transformation!”
—Ann Filemyr, Academic Dean of the Institute of American Indian Arts

“Luisa is one of the best examples I know, of someone who does spiritually-sourced work, and has a solid, grounded and clinically sound background and sensibility, so that NOBODY could mistake mystical work with woo-woo when they experience her. That is a truly great contribution.”
—James Michael Nolan, President of Southwestern College

“I have greatly benefited from working with Luisa in one-to-one sessions as well as her workshops and other events. Luisa is a masterful facilitator who has clearly done her own spiritual and psychological work. She is gifted at creating a space of magic and transformation where deep healing can and does take place. And she’s a heck of a lot of fun as well.”
—Maia Duerr, Director of Five Directions Consulting and The Liberated Life Project

“Luisa is very gifted, talented, caring and energetic. She is quite an amazing person and has provided me with some very important assistance.”
—Norm Morrison, The Santa Fe Report

“Luisa’s shamanic healing sessions and workshops are powerful and grounding. Luisa is loving and kind and teaches us all more about LOVE in rich and profound ways.”
—Jennifer Esperanza, Jennifer Esperanza Photography

“Thank you so much for the ceremony and workshop yesterday. I found the ceremony very meaningful and life changing for me. I was so pleased with the information I was able to access. I find your ability as a shaman to be very powerful, focused and so positive. 
    You have helped me beyond what you could imagine. Especially appreciated in these group sessions is your teaching ability. You have things planned out well and are very organized. You know how to prepare us, give us time to check in, give us appropriate time to get up and stretch, take bathroom breaks, etc. 
    I feel safe in your groups. I know you are in control and won’t let one of the participants take over, as has happened in other groups I’ve been in. 
    I look forward to more time in your excellent company and enlightenment. Thank you so deeply. I feel like a very fortunate woman.”
—Connie D., Retired Psychotherapist

“I’ve studied the concept of Source Energy for the past fifteen years. And I had never run across an effective way to truly connect with this energy. That changed immediately after learning and experiencing Luisa’s 3 Energy Body Healing Model. I’ve learned how to connect with Source through my Back Energy Body and that has created several breakthrough healing experiences for me. 
Lots of healing practices have given me a taste of different dimensional realities; Luisa’s 3 Energy Body Model has integrated them into my being.”
—Glen McKerrihan, Santa Fe, NM

“ I feel deeply supported in my own transformation by Luisa and the practices she is always recreating and refining — she is masterful, and fun! ” —M. H.

“ I love to journey with Luisa. I feel safe and I am able to go to new depths with her holding space for my intentions. I appreciate that she is always deepening her own understanding of her teachings and always has something new to offer us.” — T.M.

“Five stars on all counts every time. What a marvelous gift this woman is. ” — S. B.

“I felt very welcomed by Luisa. Very knowledgeable and supportive. Will pursue further trainings with her. ” — L. T.

“ Wonderful experience, very meaningful. Luisa is a talented teacher as well as shaman. I felt very welcome and supported. Nicely managed workshop with lots of experiential time, ample short breaks and Luisa in good control of the group. Highly recommend this workshop. ” — C. D.

“ Luisa Kolker’s ceremonies and workshops are powerful & grounding. Luisa is loving & kind & teaches us all more about LOVE in rich & profound ways.” — J. E.

“ I would not hesitate to recommend Luisa to anyone wishing to experience a journey for the first time. It is the eve after the meeting and there is still much that I have to digest and accept…all of it good. ” — D. P.

“Luisa is the real deal. I can’t recommend her teaching enough. ” — L. H.

“ Luisa is gifted in heart and mind, and her skilled and sensitive approach, as well as the the humor and kindness in our group pulled me out of an abyss, thank you! ” — A. R.

“AWESOME! Beautifully facilitated process in a magical space with a dear group of people. ” — M. D.

“ Luisa, thank you for your heartful and spirited guidance! We created a powerful circle and received the most beautiful spirit gifts. ” — K. L.

“ Luisa is very gifted, talented, caring and energetic. She is quite an amazing person and has provided me with some very important assistance. I will continue to work with her. ” — N. M.

“ Highly recommended. Luisa is very good as a facilitator, guide, teacher and hostess. ” — F. N.

“Luisa is a talented teacher with keen insight. I love these sessions.” —F. J.