Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the basic format of this program?
A- Each week you’ll receive that week’s teaching video along with a Study Guide in your email inbox. Then, a few days after you receive each week’s recorded lesson join me for a live Zoom call. I’ll lead you through a grounding process and answer your questions about that week’s lesson. 

Q- Is this program only for people who have worked with you before?
A- The Embodied Mystic program is for everyone. It’s appropriate for ages 18 and up, all genders, identities, and orientations.

Q- I am drawn to your work, but am not familiar with what shamanism means in this context. Do I need to have experience with it?
A- Shamanism in this context means that we’ll be using the shamanic journey technique at various times throughout the program. This technique is easy to learn and creates a bridge between your ego-consciousness and spiritual dimensions. 

Your tuition to The Embodied Mystic includes access to my Introduction to the Shamanic Journey online audio course (a $79 value) as a bonus, to provide foundational tools and practices before the program begins.

Q- I feel a little intimidated by the term “Shamanic Psychotherapy” that I see on the landing page of the program. Can you tell me what that means?
A- I blend body-centered (sometimes called “somatic”) psychotherapy techniques with easy-to-learn shamanic practices to help you feel connected with the spiritual dimension of your inner self. My model of shamanism starts with being present in your body and your emotional reality so you can send your consciousness to non-physical dimensions to retrieve guidance and healing.

Q- Do I need to have completed the “Leaving the Enchanted Forest” series you offered to do this course?
A- No, you do not. That was a free gift from me that you may still enjoy, but it is not necessary to have listened to that series to join us for The Embodied Mystic.

Q- I am curious about the program, but am not yet totally sure it’s for me. How can I see if it’s the right thing for me?
A- If you feel drawn to it, there is likely something for you here. If you would like to talk with me to explore the benefits it may provide you, please book a call with me here.

Q- I am not sure if I am ready to pay for it, or if the cost is worth it for me.
A- Only you know when it is truly time to invest in yourself and your future, but I can tell you that there is a lot of value packed in this program. All participants will have access to me at a fraction of the fee I normally charge. I also have payment plans available.

Q- Do I have to have my video camera on for the Zoom calls?
A- No. Video is optional, although it is encouraged.

Q- Can I ask you my question about registering for The Embodied Mystic program directly?
A- Yes, you can book a free 20 minute call with me to answer your questions about registering for The Embodied Mystic. Also, during the program, you can ask me your questions on our weekly Zoom call.