Black Lilith Rising: A Self-Guided Ceremony for Those Who Identify as WomenHere are your pre-recorded teachings + study guide

Welcome to your self-guided Black Lilith Rising workshop and ceremony.

This course is a primer in my teachings about Black Moon Lilith. Black Moon Lilith is an astrological and Judeo-Christian archetype who embodies the grief, outrage, sexual and emotional hungers, autonomy, and wild authenticity of the disavowed feminine. 

The entire ceremony will take you about 1 hour and 40 minutes. An advantage of this format is that you can choose the timing, rhythm, and sequencing that work best for you. 

I encourage you to be intentional in setting aside time and space for this ceremony. The more care and intention you bring to this ceremony, the deeper the emotional and spiritual experience. 

I’m sending you love and blessings for your ceremony. May it help you in remembering your depth, power, and beauty.

In Love & Transformation,


Here’s a list of what you’ll need to have with you:
☐ Journal and pen
☐ A comfortable place to lie down (a blanket to cover you is a good idea)
☐ A drum or rattle if you have them
☐ An eye cover (a bandana is fine) to cover your eyes during the shamanic journey


I encourage you to create a dedicated, physical space for this ceremony. This space is ideally private, comfortable, and quiet and includes your “journey pod,” where you can lie down during the drum journey. 


If you’d like to hold and feel held by a sense of community for this ceremony, hold an intent right now to feel and imagine that you are in the companionship of kindred companions on your path. You may speak the following words out loud (or create your own):

“May the love and healing energies of my ceremony benefit all beings throughout space and time. And so it is.”


(9 minutes 25 seconds)

II. The Story of Lilith
(18 minutes and 53 seconds)

III. The Grounding & Merging Process. A guided journey through your physical and energetic bodies
(19 minutes 18 seconds)

IV. Your Shamanic Journey Intention: Meeting the Spirit of Black Moon Lilith 
(2 minutes and 16 seconds)

Please write this journey intention in your journal: 

Dear Ones, Sacred Ones, I intend a journey to meet the spirit of Black Moon Lilith. Blessed Be.

After writing your journey intention, I recommend you rest the palms of your hands on what you’ve written so your intention is received into your energetic infrastructures. This way, even if you snooze during your journey (which sometimes happens and can even be a way of receiving healing during the journey), you will already have absorbed the intention both your ego consciousness and your unconscious.


V. A Note for Those Who are Not Familiar with the Shamanic Journey Technique
(2 minutes and 2 seconds)

VI. Calling-in the Directions, Calling-in Power, and Drum Journey to Meet the Spirit of Black Moon Lilith
(39 minutes 29 seconds)

NOTE: When your journey is complete, take a few moments to stretch your body and to gently expand your awareness forward into this moment in time and space. Open your journal and write about what you experienced. Write about the iimages, sensations, and understandings that arose for you in your journey. Please don’t interpret or judge your journey experience. Any journey experience is a gift from the OtherWorld, even if it is not what you expected.


VII. In Conclusion: Let’s Dance!






1. Introduction to the Shamanic Journey with Luisa
2. Drums, Rattles, & More: Soundtracks for Your Shamanic Journeys

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