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Luisa is the foremost teacher in how to ascend to the Pleiades.

January 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017


BE A LIGHT UNTO YOURSELF: Practical Compassion for Yourself & Others in Intense Times
Ceremony & Workshop with Luisa Kolker & Maia Duerr

Date: Sunday, January 8, 2017, 1pm-6pm. Doors open at 12:30 pm; please arrive by 12:45 pm

Location: Kiva Ballroom at Hotel Santa Fe

Tuition: $60-$95 (sliding scale)

Luisa Kolker & Maia Duerr will share shamanic, ceremonial, and meditation practices for nurturing inner safety and stability. These practices will support you in offering skillful assistance to your friends, family, and community. The workshop will be held as a ceremonial circle. We will drum, do a shamanic journey, meditate and explore the energies of four helping archetypes: Healer, Warrior, Teacher, & Creator.
Luisa is a Shamanic-Psychotherapist in private practice in Santa Fe, NM.
Maia is a Lliberation Facilitator, also based in Santa Fe,
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Autumn 2016

autumn workshops 2016 flyer



Saturday, October 1, 2016

Navigating the Crack Between the Worlds

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2016, 1pm-6pm

Doors open at 12:30 p.m. Please arrive by 12:45 p.m. Workshop begins at 1 p.m.

Location: Hotel Santa Fe

Tuition: $100 for new journeyers; $50 for returning journeyers (Tuition is nonrefundable, but transferable to another person who would like to take the workshop)

To Returning Journeyers: Please join us and renew your connection with your helping spirits and Source energy.

Learn the core shamanic journey technique, which allows safe, respectful spiritual travel between ego-consciousness and non-physical dimensions.

• Learn to intentionally send your spirit-body to non-physical locations
• Meet your “power animal” (spirit animal ally)
• Experience the power of ceremony and intentional relationship with the spirit world
• Receive the nourishing and healing power of Source energy
• Be uplifted by the power of kindred, spiritual community
• Learn the foundations of Luisa’s Three Energy Body Healing Model™, an easy-to-understand map of how the conscious self, the unconscious and Source energy interrelate.

• drum/rattle (if you have them),
• journal & pen, blanket/sleeping bag to lie on during journeys,
• water bottle,
• object to place on altar to be charged up during the workshop


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shamanic Detoxification & Balance Ceremony

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2016, 10am-6pm
(Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Please arrive by 9:45 a.m. Doors close at 10 a.m.)

Location: Hotel Santa Fe (Kiva Ballroom), 1501 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM

Tuition: $150 before 9/5/16; $200 after 9/5/16. Tuition is non-refundable, but transferable to another person who would like to take the workshop.

6 CEs available to NM therapists and social workers

Payment by cash or check only.

In this day-long workshop and ceremony, Luisa teaches the foundations of her Three Energy Body Healing Model™, an easy-to-understand map of how the conscious self, the unconscious and Source energy interrelate.

Participants will identify, journey into and release potent trauma points in their bodies, which allows for a greater flow of health and vitality.

The purpose of the Detoxification & Balance Ceremony is to create a safe space in which to release expended emotional contracts and renew your relationship with Source.

During the experiential part of the workshop, Luisa will facilitate emotional and energetic coaching with participants.

Prior participation in Luisa’s workshops/sessions or interview with Luisa required for enrollment:

Participants must be in sturdy physical and emotional condition to attend this training.

Previous shamanic journey/meditation experience is helpful, but not necessary.

What to Bring
• journal and pen
• water bottle
• drum/rattle (if you have them)
• blanket or sleeping bag for journeying
• personal medicine objects to be charged up on our altar
• soul cards & rock mesas (for those who’ve taken any of the Transformation workshops with Luisa)
• Bring a bag lunch and snacks

It is recommended that you refrain from the use of non-prescription drugs/alcohol starting 24 hours before the workshop.

This workshop is open to those who are dedicated to inner work and an expansion of their spiritual lives.
Please note: Tuition is non-refundable, but transferable to someone else who would like to take the workshop.


 November 2016

Ancient Sumerian Relief of Lilith

BLACK LILITH RISING: Transforming Ancient Rage Into Relational Power
A Workshop & Ceremony for Women

Date: November 2016  (TBA)
Time: Doors open at 9:30 a.m.; please arrive by 9:45 a.m.; ceremony begins at 10 a.m. Workshop ends at 4 p.m.
Location: TBA
Tuition: Sliding scale $75-$150 (Please pay by cash or check.)

In ancient times, the story goes that Lilith–the first wife of the biblical Adam and an embodiment of feminine, earthy, sensual wisdom–was rejected for her audacity in asserting her sexual and spiritual authority by refusing to lie beneath her husband. For this impertinence, she was banished from Eden and was labeled a wild, destructive, sexual demon. In these times, passionate women are still labeled “crazy.” This has generated a deep, collective rage which, when unrelated to by us as women, can become destructive rather than healing.

Our Black Lilith ceremony takes place on Halloween, when the veils between the worlds are thin. We will invoke the spirits of our ancestors and of Black Lilith as she lives inside us. Black Lilith, also an astrological point in space, holds the collective stories and rage of the suppressed, disavowed, betrayed feminine.

Catalyzing our ancient rage into conscious, compassionate relational energy is necessary for our intimate relationships to be generative and healing, rather than destructive. This catalyzing of rage into power is the focus of this day of journeying, meditation, sharing and moving together as an intentional tribe of women who are ready to heal some deep personal and collective wounds.

Purified water and healthy snacks provided.

Please bring:
• a bag lunch
• drum/rattle (if you have one; there will be extras)
• journal & pen
• item(s) to be charged up on the altar
• sleeping bag/blanket to lie on during journeys

Non-refundable tuition due at time of registration to save your place. 


February 2017














INVOCATION OF THE GODDESS BRIGID: Celebrating Feminine Sexual Source Energy

February 1, 2016
Location: TBA

A Shamanic Journey Circle for Women

On this magical winter day, we will invoke the presence of the goddess Brigid. Brigid is the Celtic goddess of inspiration, keeper of the flame and the sacred well.

We will ask Brigid to fuel and inspire us as we deepen our relationship to the beauty and power of our sexual selves. This workshop and ceremony will include several journeys, including a detoxification journey to transmute contamination of our sexual self-esteem.

We will drum, create intentions, meditate, and do several shamanic journeys to nourish the seeds of our feminine sexual-soul-force energy, our courage, creativity and passion.

Bring: a drum/rattle, blanket, eye cover, journal, pen, water bottle, lunch and medicine object(s) for the altar. Ceremonial (beautiful!) clothing encouraged.

*Note: Enrollment for this workshop is open to women who have not taken Luisa’s trainings, provided they have shamanic journeying experience and a dedication to inner work. Please contact Luisa to determine if this event is right for you.


Reviews of  Shamanic Workshops, Ceremonies & Journey Circles with Luisa Kolker

“Thank you for the invigorating workshop. I was able to gain a connection to a strong, vital, fiery part of my being that has been shut down for quite some time. Luisa, I am so grateful for you and your ability to connect us to our inner and cosmic resources.”  —D.V.

“The Black Lilith Ceremony was a wonderful gift to give to myself. I trusted that Luisa would create a fabulous venue for women to stretch their wings and I was right.  I left feeling more connected to my own ‘wild woman’ and to every other woman in the circle and beyond. Thanks so much, Luisa!”  —H.W.


“Luisa, I so enjoy and benefit from your deep work. I love and so appreciate your attention to detail with participants. This is very moving and transformative work.” —Maureen H.

“You are an extraordinary healer and teacher. I love your Three Energy Body model. It is brilliant. What a gift. You have put everything together all in one package. Amazing.” —Ann B.

“Thank you so much for the gifts that you shared with all of us yesterday! Thanks to your amazing wisdom, energy, and guidance, my experience was deeply transformative and powerfully moving. I can’t wait to work with you again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” —Mary

These ceremonies and workshops reflect the transformational teachings of Luisa Kolker MA LPCC.