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New Mexico Magazine

New Mexico Magazine

After Luisa shared a Facebook post about her run-in with a famous actor who was on location for a film being made in Santa Fe, the editor of New Mexico Magazine invited her to re-write the post for their “Only in NM” column. It’s kind of silly and kind of fun, especially if you were an English major. Have a look at The Shushing Shaman.


Spirituality & Health Magazine article on Shamanic Healing


Luisa was interviewed for this 2014 article about soul retrieval in Spirituality & Health magazine. Learn more about Luisa’s shamanic healing work and the power of soul retrieval.



Luisa was invited to contribute to the Liberated Life Project’s feature “Eight Life-Changing Questions.”


Photographer Jennifer Esperanza featured Luisa as her first blog article on her new website.

“Mostly I have learned to stay grounded in myself through my work with Luisa. She listens to my feelings and then can help bring me back to an everyday state of grace again. She is a mystic, she is very empathetic, her relationship to the natural world is very real.” —Jennifer Esperanza

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.32.04 AMSouthwestern College President James Michael Nolan’s shares his reflections about Luisa and her shamanic-psychotherapy work.  “In a town like Santa Fe, everybody contends that they are shamans, or energy workers, or a variety of other visionary healers. I am naturally skeptical about these self-designations, so when I went to meet Luisa, I thought, Oh, we will see if she seems like the real deal. Maybe yes, maybe no. I tend to get quick hits on this one. I have no way of knowing if the hits are accurate, but I will tell you they are quick gut hits, quick intuitions. Within about 5 minutes of meeting Luisa, I had a very strong ‘Yes.’”

April 1, 2013 Casita de Broomdust podcast with Johny Broomdust & Eric George
Listen to Luisa on The Casita de Broomdust Podcast (April 2013).

“Luisa joins Eric and Johny for a discussion of spiritual journeying, music, community, and many other topics.  The discussion ranges from Shamanic work to Jemez Pueblo dances to ceremonial gardening to the use of plant medicine to the role of music in spirituality and community consciousness.”


“My session would be about soul retrieval, Kolker explained, a common occurrence whereby a soul-loss occurs due to emotional trauma.”

Read about journalist Zelie Pollon’s shamanic healing session with Luisa in the April/May 2012 issue of  The Santa Fean Magazine.


“Through this fall into the shadow, I was given the gift of possibility, the possibility of coming into relationship with parts of myself that, early in my life, I’d evaluated as being shameful or unworthy, and then discarded.”

Read about how Luisa has used the shamanic journey technique for her own personal healing in the October 2011 issue of “Bridges” magazine.



“Your pain is a seed of love that forgot how to grow.Water it with awareness, warm it with kindness, sing to it with courage. Your pain, loved by you in this way, will transform into grace.” —Luisa Kolker

From photographer Jennifer Esperanza’s 2012 book I Like My Heroes Real.

Article by Lindsay Ahl in “Bliss” Magazine, 2008: “Luisa’s healing room is a portal leading into new perceptions and new places.”