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Note: This is the original, unedited version of an article I was invited to write for The Santa Fe Reporter’s “Annual Manual,” a guide for residents and visitors to Santa Fe. Though the published version has been beautifully edited, there are some additional moments in the original version that you will hopefully find interesting. To see the published article, click HERE or click on the image of the article below.

Luisa Santa Fe Reporter May 2013 articleSome years back, before the labyrinth on Museum Hill became a permanent installation, it was an informal earth-formed hieroglyphic of dirt and stone. In contrast with the orderly, angled museums in its environs, the labyrinth was round, mysterious and womblike. My son, then in elementary school, and I would walk over there on warm summer evenings through the arroyo behind the Folk Art Museum, and when we arrived, we had a silent ritual.

At the threshold to the labyrinth, Daniel would make a formal bow and then, like a human-sized praying mantis, he’d practice his karate katas in slow-motion, like a meditation, through its serpentine pathways. I sat to the side and while I watched him with a soft focus, in the periphery of my vision were the majestic Jemez Mountains to the west and the soft, undulating foothills of the Sangres to the northeast.

I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. By my early-twenties I felt I would come unhinged if I (more…)