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Article about Luisa by James Michael Nolan, President of Southwestern College Graduate School for Counseling & Art Therapy


Photo by Jennifer Esperanza

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By James Michael Nolan

“Luisa Kolker graduated from Southwestern College, where she studied Counseling. Interestingly, I met her through Social Media, where I became aware of this really funny, transparent and seemingly wise woman who was doing Shamanic work in Santa Fe. I knew she was a graduate of the school and thought it would be great to meet her and find out about her experience at the College.

I have to be honest. In a town like Santa Fe, everybody contends that they are shamans, or energy workers, or a variety of other visionary healers. I am naturally skeptical about these self-designations, so when I went to meet Luisa, I thought, Oh, we will see if she seems like the real deal. Maybe yes, maybe no. I tend to get quick hits on this one. I have no way of knowing if the hits are accurate, but I will tell you they are quick gut hits, quick intuitions.