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Santa Fe & Spirituality

Note: This is the original, unedited version of an article I was invited to write for The Santa Fe Reporter’s “Annual Manual,” a guide for residents and visitors to Santa Fe. Though the published version has been beautifully edited, there are some additional moments in the original version that you will hopefully find interesting. To see the published article, click HERE or click on the image of the article below.

Luisa Santa Fe Reporter May 2013 articleSome years back, before the labyrinth on Museum Hill became a permanent installation, it was an informal earth-formed hieroglyphic of dirt and stone. In contrast with the orderly, angled museums in its environs, the labyrinth was round, mysterious and womblike. My son, then in elementary school, and I would walk over there on warm summer evenings through the arroyo behind the Folk Art Museum, and when we arrived, we had a silent ritual.

At the threshold to the labyrinth, Daniel would make a formal bow and then, like a human-sized praying mantis, he’d practice his karate katas in slow-motion, like a meditation, through its serpentine pathways. I sat to the side and while I watched him with a soft focus, in the periphery of my vision were the majestic Jemez Mountains to the west and the soft, undulating foothills of the Sangres to the northeast.

I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. By my early-twenties I felt I would come unhinged if I (more…)

Sex, New Age “Healers” & Psychopathy: The Shadow of the New Age Sub-Culture

I haven’t wanted to write about this “out loud,” meaning I haven’t known how to talk with others outside my personal intimate circle about what happened to me some years ago.

I’ve written to my own self about it. In fact, I saved my own life by writing hundreds of pages, thousands of words about my soul-crushing experience of falling in love with someone who was beautiful, with a soft voice and the most intense personal radiance of anyone I’ve ever known. Sometimes light is blinding. And sometimes, due to processing experiences through the filter of our wounds and vulnerabilities, that light can seduce us away from that which is in darkness in our own selves.

In my Transformation 3 workshop, I teach about the characteristics of love and sex addiction. It’s rare that I meet or even work with someone who I might, from a clinical psychological perspective, diagnose as having those types of addictive compulsions. The reason I feel passionate about sharing this information with my students and clients is this: The compulsion to medicate inner emptiness with compulsive fantasies and the acting-out of those fantasies is a culture-wide problem. The inability to be truly intimate—emotionally—is epidemic. We live in a highly sexualized society: Children (especially little girls) are sexualized at an early age; men and women of all ages perceive their value based on

[NOTE: For some reason, my WordPress site sent out this unfinished draft of my blog article. I will finish writing the article soon, so please consider this the first installment! Best wishes, Luisa.]

What is Infidelity?

After having explored intimate relationship in many, if not most of its permutations, I have, in my golden years, arrived at a strong definition of infidelity, and it is this: If I say/do/email-something to or with another person that I would not say/do/email in front of my significant other, then I am being unfaithful to the trust between us.
Why do I mention this? Because from time to time I receive private email messages, on Facebook and off, that are sexually or romantically charged. Most of the time, the messages are from people who know that I am in a committed relationship. I find this to be, at best, a misunderstanding of who I am and what I am about. At worst, I find it to be willfully offensive.
Yes, I am spontaneous, friendly, sexually comfortable with who I am and playful, passionate and feisty (with men and women) on Facebook and in my personal life. However, I am not seductive. To me seduction carries with it an agenda and an ulterior motive. Seduction involves secrecy and it usually rides rough-shod over the hearts of emotionally-invested others.
While there are some sacred, private dimensions of my life that are only for me, my partner and a few others, I take pleasure in being transparent in how I share about myself with friends, family, clients, etc.
I am not about secrecy, seduction and emotional/sexual/romantic intrigue. I’ve been there, done that, been burned by that and hurt others with that.
I choose transparency.